2 Chicks and a Cat

We’ve been trying to capture the station stray! It did NOT go well…This cat has been hanging around our studios for about 2 years now.

We call her boots, she’s a black cat with white boots, so that explains that.

We’ve got food and water for her and feed her every day. And she’s made a lot of progress that last year or so!

She was timid at first but now she’ll lay out back in the sun. She’ll let us pick her up now, it’s great to see all the progress.

But with the colder weather ahead, we’re trying to capture Boots and get someone to adopt her in their fur-ever home.

So….its’ been going on three weeks that I’ve been trying to capture her. And now we’ve got the whole station involved!

Amber and I made an attempt to catch her and we failed. HARD.

Check this out…