Virtually Tip a Springfield Bartender!

Here’s a unique and fun way you can help out food service workers here in the Ozarks!

Remember Chat Roulette, that site that randomly paired you with strangers to video chat?

This new website is similar, it pairs you up with a random service worker here the Ozarks.

It’s pulls up their payment info, on Venmo or Cash App or something similar, and you can virtually tip a bartender from the comforts of your own home!

I got paired with Alivia, she works at Bricktown Brewery. I threw Alivia a couple bucks just to feel like I did something!

I haven’t been ordering much take out, but at least this way I can still support everyone in the Ozarks.

And to be honest….it was kinda fun finding out who these people are! People who work down at the Hepcat were there, Black Sheep…

It’s important we come together in these times, support each other in anyway you can!