Barking with The Beat – Sanford

Meet Sanford! A 2 year old Shepherd/Retriever/Lab mix. Approx. 63 lbs. He’s an old soul in a young dog’s body! If you spend most of your time relaxing on the couch, he would be the perfect companion! He does have bowing in his back legs, so he’d be best in a home with minimal to no stairs. Amanda from 417 Pet Sitting explains more about his condition in the video, as well as below the video. Sanders has a low energy level, so he would be best with older children or an older couple. Would probably do best as an only child, too. Find Sanford at Humane Society of Southwest MO

Luxating Patella is just when the kneecap is dislocated from the groove of the thigh bone, it can only be returned to its normal position once the quadriceps muscles in the hind legs of the animal relax and lengthen. It is for this reason that most dogs with the condition hold up their leg.

A dislocated kneecap is one of the most prevalent knee joint abnormalities in dogs. The condition is most common in toy and miniature dog breeds such as the Yorkshire TerrierPomeranianPekingeseChihuahua, and Boston Terrier. Female dogs are 1 1/2 times more likely to acquire the condition.

The condition is thought to be rare in cats.

The specific symptoms of a dislocated kneecap will depend on the severity and persistence of the condition, as well as the amount of degenerative arthritis that is involved. Typically, a dog with a dislocated kneecap will exhibit prolonged abnormal hindlimb movement, occasional skipping or hindlimb lameness, and sudden lameness.  But is not in pain other than when the knee cap pops in or out.