On the same day it emerged that the beleaguered Hollywood Foreign Press (HFPA) is reportedly having trouble booking celebrity presenters for its upcoming Golden Globes, come details from the organization about the awards show. 

The lack of Hollywood enthusiasm notwithstanding, the HFPA just released details about its 79th annual event that will be held on January 9 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. In short, they seem even more odd than the concept of a showbiz awards show without celebrities.

There will be no audience, no red carpet, and no media credentials provided for journalists to cover the event. 

And as previously reported, the event won’t be televised, after longtime broadcast partner NBC severed ties with the awards show, following a racial controversy.

Instead, the organization explained, “In addition to recognizing 2021’s best in film and television, the Golden Globe Awards will shine a light on the long-established philanthropy work of the HFPA, showcasing a range of grantees during the program.”

Furthermore, the HFPA reported, “Kyle Bowser, Senior Vice President of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau, will further discuss the ‘Reimagine Coalition,’ a joint five-year initiative to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the global entertainment industry.”

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