Sarah Morris/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

On her Instagram on Sunday, Lizzo watched with her followers a clip from the new South Park: The End of Obesity, which spoofed her by name.

“My worst fear has been actualized,” she began. “I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode. I’m so scared. I’m going to blind duet to it right now,” she said, referring to a video split-screen in which she could react in real time to the piece.

The South Park special centered on the recent craze of anti-obesity drugs, with an in-show commercial touting an alternative drug, a “diet suppressor” called Lizzo, which purports to imbue its user with the power of not caring about their weight.

“I control all my urges to be thinner with Lizzo,” a character says, leading the real Lizzo’s jaw to drop in surprise.

“I’ve lowered my standards and expectations,” the character says, as the real Lizzo covers her mouth.

“Lizzo helps you eat anything you want and keep physical activity to a minimum,” a narrator says in the bit, which shows the patient listening to Lizzo’s record, earning an exclamation from the recording artist.

“That’s crazy,” she says as the “ad” finishes. “I just feel like damn, I’m really that b**** … I really showed the world how to love yourself and not give a f*** to the point that these men in Colorado know who the f*** I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.”

The latter referenced South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

“I showed y’all how to not give a f***,” she continued, before singing the Lizzo drug jingle, which references the real-life Ozempic spots, based on Pilot‘s 1970s hit “Magic.”

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