Adrien Brody says his new ultra-violent action thriller, Clean, isn’t afraid to tackle the hot-button issues of today — because that’s exactly the kind of movie he loved watching as a kid.

Speaking with ABC Audio, the 48-year-old actor explained he wanted to make a “action revenge story” that is more than just about a man beating people up and spilling blood.  “I was looking to find a way to bring a film that speaks to issues that exist around us, that we can’t really ignore, that that justify the rage and sense of failure within many individuals,” says Brody. “Clean represents that.”

The Oscar winner plays the title role of Clean, and said his character will serve as a catalyst for the audience’s emotional experience.  “He embodies this collective sense of failure and of anger and frustration with our powerlessness against what’s coming around us,” said Brody. 

Brody adds his film honors a genre in movies he’s not only drawn to, but sorely misses seeing in theaters.

“In its core it’s an action revenge story. And when I used to hang out with my boys and we go to the movie theater and we’d hang out and we’d just revel in these kinds of movies,” he explained.  “And a degree of that is feels lost today.”

So, is Clean the modern Dirty Harry or Death Wish?  Brody only says the movie shares his “love for a style of filmmaking from the 70s, and filmmakers and writers that I really admired.”

Clean, also starring Glenn FleshlerMichelle Wilson and Richie Merritt, is now in theaters and available on demand.

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