(NOTE LANGUAGE) AMC was quick to renew its off-beat dramedy series Kevin Can F*** Himself for a second season, but the network just raised eyebrows with an announcement that the show’s second season would be its last, Variety reports. 

The series stars Schitt’s Creek Emmy winner Annie Murphy as  Allison McRoberts and Eric Petersen as her titular husband. The show’s conceit is that it plays out as a stereotypical sitcom focusing on a married couple in scenes where Allison is with Kevin, and then takes a dark turn when Annie’s character is by herself, showing that she’s plotting to kill her schlubby dope of a hubby. 

The show had an 81% positive rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. A few weeks ago, Petersen told ABC Audio that he was psyched to start work on the second season. 

“Any time you do something new — and this show truly is something new — I mean, that just in and of itself is an accomplishment to get something on the air that really is not like anything that’s been done before,” the actor said. “And then you sort of cross your fingers that people get what we’re trying to do with it, that they enjoy it, that they find it funny and engaging and interesting. And people have, which is awesome.”

He adds, “So we’re so excited that we got season two. We’re going to start filming here in January, so it’ll be coming out next year. And I’ve already seen a few of the scripts and they’re very good, so [I’m] very excited to get going.” 

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