Beyond Healing brings mental health services to the Ozarks

Listen, I love talking about mental health. Like, I LOVE it. I've confessed multiple times on my radio show, The Julie Baker Show, I've been a avid attender of therapy for the last three years. It's been life changing for me. So when a colleague connected me with the folks at Beyond Healing, a group of mental  health professionals in Springfield, I knew I *had* to have them on my show.

If you've been listening to the show this week, you know we've been discussing alignment and the 4 S's.

Beyond Healing is a group of therapists serving the Ozarks focuses on a wide range of mental health services.
You can listen to all of the segments with Beyond Health below.

Harmony House to hold pickleball tournament

The Harmony House, a domestic violence shelter and resource center, plans to hold a pickleball tournament in August as a fundraiser for the non profit.

The 2023 Purple Paddle Pickleball tournament will take place August 19th starting at 8 a.m.

Mix skill levels are invited. The tournament will offer doubles play.

To get signed up, click here.

A Name is important. Professionally (as I have personally) I'm taking mine back.

Taylor Swift's "Clean" echo's through my apartment as I write this.

Julie Baker.

The joy and complete freedom that washed over me when I heard the new opens for my morning show with *my* name is something I can't quite express.

Let me rewind before I jump forward.

Baker is my last name. It's my parent's last name. The one on my birth certificate.  There's something special to me about it too- it represents home. A farm with an early morning sunrise. A summer in a tractor spinning countless circles in a hay field. It represents hard work and a level of stubbornness.

I took the last name 'Wilson' when I wed at 22- an age now, I know for me, was far too young. I didn't know me.

I divorced last year. It was then I requested the court give me back my own name- and I took it, personally, with joy.

Professionally, however, I lived in the land of fear. At 22 you aren't established professionally- at least I wasn't. It was the last name Wilson I would spend a decade forming a resume under. The name people knew me as. I wanted to change it publicly right away- but again, the land of fear. I'd lose my resume of work. I'd lose brand recognition.  I convinced myself I could be "Wilson" on air- carrying a name that left my stomach in a drop every time I introduced myself.

Women keep their married name for so many reason- I did for work, until now. Perhaps they want to keep the same name of their kids. I support whatever decision a women makes for herself- and her name- after a divorce.

When everything fully set in- and I completely understood what I dealt with and went through, I felt manic. I called my best friend in New York. He and his husband were proud. I told him my thoughts on it all- he confessed in little ways he hoped eventually I'd find my way back to Baker.

I sent my college roommate a text- she, too, had hoped I would change it professionally, noting she never changed my name from the original in her phone.

As I talked to more and more people who I hold the most close- I found everyone in a pride. Nothing but complete support. I was certain through the confession of thought, someone- anyone- would pipe up and offer opposition. To my complete surprise not a single person did.

The last year and a half have been the most beautiful- though, I've discovered, beauty often is forged through the most heat intensive flames.

I find myself in complete gratitude for the marriage that failed. I could not have faced the demons I held within myself without it. I could not have become the person I am now, nor the person I continue to grow into without it. I would not have the wisdom I have.

With this reversion to Baker, I feel the final waves of turmoil settling.

If you're a long time listener of my show or you've spent time scrolling my social media accounts- thank you. Truly, thank you.

Is it better to be dumped? Or to dump someone?

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to walk away from a relationship... but is it better to be dumped? Or to do the dumping?

Some would argue it's better to drop the relationship when you know it's time to go, lingering in a space you no longer wish to exist is serves no one.

Have you seen this cat? If so, WOW wants to hear from you.

I opened Facebook to see a notification- someone had tagged me in a post.

The post was of a bonded set of tuxedo cats, Ophelia and Maximillian.

The brother/ sister duo were adopted from Watching Over Whiskers (WOW) in August of last year.

Marcie with WOW said that the adopter was getting married and moving into an apartment complex, therefore needed to return the duo. The Cat shelter, which is in the midst of kitten season, offered a few solutions until the cats could be returned- after conversations went sideways, the adopter stopped responding.

Maximillian was found and surrendered to the Humane Society. His chip still showed the details of his foster parents where both cats were born and raised.

Ophelia is still missing. It's thought that the duo were given away at a Wal Mart in Springfield- either the location on Sunshine and 65 or Independence.

If you  have seen Ophelia, please reach out to WOW. 

Is this new handbag a bop or a flop?


Has it been months since the latest in high fashion debut in the fall? But, in my defense, fashion is slow to trickle to the Midwest- it's even slower to believed as fashion.

The fall fashion line from  from Balenciaga... is well... a choice, that's for sure.

courtesy: Balenciaga

Featuring a sleeve as a handle, it can only be worn on the right side of the body.

Chance offered his fashion thoughts recently on The Julie Wilson Show.

THIS Tik Tok Convo caught HEAT

@929thebeat Lets hear those thoughts! #springfield #springfieldmo #springfieldmissouri #missouri #blasthim #blasthimsis @andjuliewilson #UnlimitedHPInk ♬ dance(256762) - TimTaj


Everyone knows that if you're a lady in the 417 area and you're dating, Blast Him Sis is a must join on Facebook.

It's a group that allows women to warn others of men who have behaved in not so great ways.

Blakeney runs the group. She says that everything gets majored vetted before it's posted. She has a team of admins doing the work alongside her.

Recently on The Julie Wilson Show, Blakeney confessed having a man reach out to her, claiming the group "ruined dating" for  him. He was frequently posted by numerous women.

That conversation was recorded and put to tik tok. Needless to say, some didn't love the idea of the group, while others praised it.

Since that video went viral, we opted to visit some of those comments and offer  thoughts,

How do I deal with this mess?


A recent survey- or so I read on the internet- said that 47% of people agreed- There's too much clutter in their home.

A small amount of folks said they were to blame for it.

As I look around my apartment, I can confess I am absolutely to blame.

Two oversized boxes sit in the space between my kitchen and living room. I ordered some clothes and the boxes are far too large for the shipment.

As a millennial, I fight the urge to store the boxes just in case I need them to wrap a present in.

I need to sweep- June has done her fair share of shedding despite my efforts of brushing and bathing.

Yet, as I review my to do list, it dawns on me: I still have way less housework as a single woman than I ever did when I was married.

The Purple Party supports Harmony House, here's how you can help

The Harmony House, which was founded in the late 1970's, supports victims of domestic violence through shelter and/or resources is hosting the 8th Annual Purple Party on April 18th.

"Springfield/Greene County often has the highest rate of domestic violence in the state and Missouri is second only to Alaska in the number of women killed by an intimate partner. But there is hope," the non profit's website says.

The 80's themed event will feature entertainment from local cover band Members Only. Individual tickets or tables are available for purchase.

Queen City Shout to start March 20; benefits local non profits


The 12th Queen City Shout, which welcomes artists of all types to Springfield, is set to kick off March 20-March 26.

The multi venue event is one of the largest arts festivals in the Ozarks.

The event benefits multiple non profit agencies, including, but not limited to, Harmony House and Community Partnership of the Ozarks.

A single day pass is $15, while $30 will buy you access to the entire week.


CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase tickets.