She went viral for a Pre-K tactic. Some love it, others are pressed.

Bailey Norton is a stand up comedian in Los Angeles- formerly of Springfield, Missouri.

The Missouri native made the move a few years ago to chase her dream in comedy.

The former pre-school teacher recently took to twitter to express how she deals with the opposite sex when offered toxic emotions.

The tweet quickly went viral. When asked, Bailey said that the tweeted comment was a tactic she used with her pre-school kids to acknowledge their emotions.

The comment, however, sent twitter into a frenzy.  Bailey utilized the responses to create a now viral tik tok.

@baileyenorton Men want to physically hurt me because of this tweet, god bless #fyp #comedy #men #feelings ♬ original sound - Bailey Norton


This has been the most streamed song in the country over the past couple weeks. It already has over 193 million streams on Spotify in less than a month. It has been a top 10 most added song at Top 40 all 3 weeks it has been out, including being the second most added the last 2 weeks.


Queen B is back with her first solo Top 40 single in almost a decade, and this release was quite a shock to everybody. This was a top 10 most added song at Top 40, Hot AC, Rhythmic, Urban, and across all formats all 3 weeks it has been out with 465 total stations now playing it.

Popular Tik Tok couple, Angie&Shane, details the family tattletale

Spend anytime on Tik Tok or Instagram, and youre bound to find yourself on Angie and Shane's page. The two recently joined The Julie Wilson Show to detail the time when their children- in their toddler years- outed Angie to a friend while the couple was staying at their home.

@angieandshane Parenting teenagers 101. Who’s scaring who now? 🤣🤘🏼 #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok #fyp ♬ Teenagers (Live in Mexico City) - My Chemical Romance

The couple, who has been together since high school, are now parents to teens and have found social media success sharing stories not only of their journey as a couple, but parenting.

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