She was playing with WHAT when they crashed?!

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These stories are what aren't leading headline news, but are so entertaining you won't want to miss them

Stupid News: How the Kool Aid Man is inspiring Children

I (Julie Wilson) am (considering but absolutely am not) starting a petition to have the Kool Aid man arrested for some many vile acts of aggression against home owner's property.

Good News: Florida Woman isn't always a bad sign

If the last few weeks of tiring news headlines have left you feeling down in the dumps, enjoy this collection of good news.

Ricky Gervais speaks on the state of comedy; his new special

Ricky Gervais has been working on a new special, "Supernature".

As a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, Gervais detailed his process of creating the show.

He went on to give his thoughts on the state of comedy and who might be ruining it.

THIS home could be yours... but buyer beware

If you're on the hunt for the dream home, looking no further than this home in Cleveland, Ohio.

For a cool $162,000 (let's be real, this is going for all cash above asking price), this three bedroom home could be yours.  It offers granite counter tops, crown molding, a fire place, plus the option to finish the third flood into a potential man cave.

It's the yard decor that may cause pause. Positioned perfectly in the front yard sits a giant dinosaur, accompanied by an elephant and a giraffe. All three pieces of yard decor come with the house.

You can host a foreign exchange student, here's how

If you ever considered becoming a Host Family for a foreign exchange student, let this be the tipping factor. The Council for Educational Travel  is accepting applications now.

Mom's "Husbands in Training" program goes viral

Doug says that from a  young age his mom taught a "Husbands in Training" curriculum that taught her sons the staples of being a good partner.


Today, Doug is incorporating the lessons he learned from his mom into his own son's life, teaching him about consent and how it doesn't end with marriage. Doug is also teaching his son how to recognize when a woman is in distress because of another man and how to appropriately intervened and how to express emotions in a healthy way.

This Week, That's Stupid: A week in review

If you missed a full week's worth of Stupid News on The Julie Wilson Show or on Julie Wilson's tik tok, don't fear. All of the week's Stupid News is conveniently compiled in into one video.

Arts Fest kicks off this weekend

This weekend kicks off Arts Fest on Walnut Street in Springfield.  The Springfield Regional Art's Council hosts the event that brings local artists to the community for a fun filled weekend of entertainment. Tickets are $5 at the gate. Kids 5 and under are free.

Need a laugh? Watch WEEKS worth of Stupid News

Listen. Stupid News is quite literally every where. Flip on the boob tube to find yourself immersed in the depths of Stupid News.

"If you don't laugh, you'll cry" seems to be more and more true- so take it in. Laugh a little.