Bailey’s Hometown Hero – Juwan Holloman!

Springfield, meet Juwan Holloman!

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“Juwan is a young 22 year old entrepreneur who happens to be my step son, so needless to say I have watched him grow into an amazing person over the years. He has truly grown into a hero. He went from being an average teenager to an amazing man, mature beyond his years. On top of working two jobs and attending college, he donates toys to the local children’s hospital, feeds the homeless, donates to battered women’s organizations and my favorite accomplishment is his Success Team. Once he began his work in the community, he found such a love for helping others, he took it upon himself to organize a team dedicated to the preservation and equality of our community. He personally funds and sponsors events that help the needy in our Springfield community! His goal and purpose is not only to help those in need but to promote equality on all levels. His first event fed the homeless downtown on the square. It was a success! Our entire family went downtown to support his efforts. It was an amazing sight as we pulled downtown and saw the line of hungry, cold people being served hot food. The square was full that afternoon with the less fortunate. However, despite their misfortunes, they were all smiling as they were full. My step son and his team honored these individuals as they were equals. Juwan continues to plan and sponsor events in the community, all of his efforts are non profit and funded solely by himself. His pure selflessness and genuine love for those less fortunate have touched our entire families heart and made us all strive to be better people! He is our hometown hero! #SuccessTeam” Submitted by: Lori Holloman

“Through so much in our life he has persevered and made himself into an outstanding citizen working on charities that he started and making money the right way. He is a great motivation for all young people out there not just me #successteam” Submitted by: Jalen Holloman

“Juwan Holloman is a young man in Springfield who is trying to change the world and the people in it by giving back. He has started a team called “Success Team.” He has given the homeless food by serving them chili just because he thought about them. This young man doesn’t just care about himself but he cares about others. The reason he’s my hero is because he knows what this community needs and he just giving back and not that many people has that type of motivation. #SUCCESSTEAM” Submitted by: Jasmine Holloman

“Juwan has helped the community by starting this group call Success Team. He hosts different events to help the people in need and plans on doing a lot more in the future to help out the city.”  Submitted by: Kobe Holloman

What an honor meeting Juwan and hearing about what he does for our community. He’s definitely not your typical 22 year old! Thanks to Juwan for making our world a much better place! Make sure to check out his Facebook page and supporters:
The Success Team Foundation
Film Appeal
Cutting Edge