Big Bun Strikes Again

My mom had a great Mother’s Day…she saw the Wienermobile!

I know you had a great Mother’s Day, but was it as great as my mom’s?!

The same exact Wienermobile Team Beat saw back in March made its way up to Michigan where my family caught up to it.

Not only was it the same exact Wienermobile Team Beat sat in, but some of the same Hot Doggers were there too, including “Rose Beef”!

You’ll remember Rose and her co-worker Cheesy Nicks gave us the ultimate Wienermobile tour, so how crazy to get a text from my mom on Sunday saying, “Guess who I met?!”

Shout out to the whole Wienermobile fam for making my mom’s Mother’s Day wishes come true!

It’s better than the gift card to Panera that I mailed her….