Bullet Train, the action comedy starring Brad Pitt and directed by his former stunt double-turned John Wick director David Leitch, has crossed the hundred million dollar mark.

It’s no small feat for a post-pandemic summer movie that didn’t involve superheroes or Tom Cruise in a cockpit.

What’s more, Bullet Train sped past the competition in its first week available on streaming. According to Fandango’s streaming service Vudu’s charts, Bullet Train managed to shoot past Top Gun: Maverick for the number-one slot on the streaming charts for the week of September 26th through October 2.

Bullet Train, which also stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bad Bunny, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz and Sandra Bullock, can be streamed in 4K Ultra HD with more than an hour of extra content not seen in theaters.

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