Dimitrious Giannoudis

Camila Cabello is done letting the approval of others determine her worth.

In a cover story for Billboard published Wednesday, Camila opened up about making her upcoming album, C, XOXO, and why she has no expectations regarding people’s reactions to her.

“Many things can happen, and they are out of my control,” Camila said, admitting people’s opinions used to get to her.

“[When I was starting out], I wish I knew that not everybody is going to like me, and it has nothing to do with me,” Camila said. “That affected me a lot in the beginning. When you’re that young all you want is acceptance and love, and you can’t understand when people don’t like you.”

Camila said she used to take negative opinions personally, but with time she’s learned “people’s reactions have nothing to do with you.”

“I’m way more at peace with it today,” Camila said.

C, XOXO, Camila’s fourth studio album, arrives June 28. It features collaborations with Drake, Lil Nas X and City Girls. The album’s first single, “I Luv It,” was released March 27.

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