Hurts Donuts Is Doing Something Kinda Creepy…

So as you know, the movie “IT” hit theaters this month and everyone is celebrating…even the delicious Hurts Donuts! Today and tomorrow, they are offering a SCARY CLOWN DELIVERY SERVICE!!!! This means, that a CLOWN will deliver your donuts. I never thought i’d say this…but KEEP YOUR DONUTS!!!! Actually…. I’m going to place an order right now to scare some friends! Good idea, Hurts! Read full article >>

Pumpkin Spice…What???

PSL has gone too far! So let’s say you’ve already done your hair in pumpkin spice colors, clothed yourself in pumpkin spice-colored outfits, gone out for a pumpkin spice latte. You are exhausted now, right? Maybe even feeling a little sick? Don’t worry!! CVS to the rescue with their new product… Read full article >>

Another reason to love Target..

Just in time for your Labor Day festivities, Target will begin selling a new line of super inexpensive wine!! That’s what I’m talking about!! The new line, which features five wine blends carefully crafted with premium California-grown grapes, is called California Roots — and it only costs $5 a bottle. SAY WHATTTT!!! Read full article >>