Bailey on the Beat

Local Christmas Tree Farms

Real Christmas trees have spiked in popularity this year, so I figured I’d try to track down some Christmas tree farms for you and your fam to frolic in, Christmas Vacation-style. Heck, maybe this is the year you start a new tradition. It can be something cool to come out of 2020! P.s. Have the vacuum on the ready. You’ll need it. Read full article >>

Uber Rolls Out Package Delivery

Uber has relaunched their Uber Connect service, which allows you to send packages! This initially started at the beginning of the pandemic in order to send family and friends care packages. Considering the most recent spike in cases, Uber wanted to relaunch the service to get your gifts and packages to your loved ones just in time for the holidays. Just put the recipient’s address in the appropriate section in the Uber app, then meet the driver at the curb to put the package in their trunk. Easy! Find out more on how to use the service here Read full article >>

Iconspeak Travel Tshirt

How genius is this?! Say you travel to another country and don’t speak the language….how do you communicate? With your t-shirt of course! Just point to the icon on your shirt and it should be all you need to get the basics. Bathroom, train, bus, beer, etc. How clever!! Read full article >>

Fictional Podcasts

So between radio and real estate, I don’t get much time to unwind and escape. I’ll be honest (and this may come as a shock)…I don’t only listen to just the radio. What! Yes, I am human just like you, haha. I’m in my car a lot when I’m not at the station, so I’ve really been getting into fictional podcasts lately. These are beyond narrations and beyond “books on tape.” These are full-on productions as if you were watching a Netflix series with your eyes closed. Some of these are so unbelievably put together, I’ve spent days thinking about them, I’ve been that shook! I haven’t gone beyond what’s in the Apple podcasts app…so I’m sure there’s more incredible ones out there. But I had to share these with you! Lots feature well-known actors and actresses. Dive in and I hope you have fun with these like I did! Enjoy! Read full article >>

Holiday Song for Dogs

Christmas songs are getting dropped right and left this year, but someone finally wrote one for our dogs! “Raise the Woof” incorporates all the praise sayings like “good girl/good boy,” squeaky toy sounds, barking, whistling, and more. I’ve been seeing our Twitter feed filled with reaction videos and we want to see yours! @929thebeat Read full article >>

Best Time to Avoid Crowds

The crew at Google Maps has been hard at work over the past 7 months, analyzing the most and least busy times to grocery shop, head to get coffee, and grab a meal at your favorite restaurant. Mondays at 8am is the prime-time to head to the store and stock up, Tuesdays at 3pm is the best time to grab your favorite meal, and Tuesdays at 4pm is the best time to grab a coffee. Want to avoid crowds at all costs? Don’t go out at 6pm Fridays! Get more deets on this and how to schedule your time here. Read full article >>