He's tended to the zoo for years, now he has a book detailing his adventures

  For well over four decades, Mike Crocker has served the people of Springfield through his work at Dickerson Park Zoo. No doubt his stories of the zoo and the wildlife it holds are vast and he takes you along for the adventure in his new book "True Tales from the Dickerson Park Zoo: There's a Crocodile in the Bathtub!" You can purchase his book through Amazon or Barnesandnoble.com

Charlie Puth talks "Light Switch", RatTok, and taking over the internet

Charlie Puth took over Tik Tok for several months as he constructed his latest hit "Light Switch". He breaks down why he took a public approach to song construction.

This week, that's stupid

Did you miss the last two weeks of Stupid News with Julie Wilson on her Tik Tok? (Follow her by searching @Andjuliewilson) Never fear! Here's a video with everything that you you missed.

This Week, That's Stupid

Did you miss a week worth of Stupid News? Don't worry. Watch the video above to feel 110% better about the decisions that you made.

This Week, That's Good

Did you miss The Julie Wilson Show last week? First off, SHAME. Watch the above video to get caught up in a week worth of good news!

This Week, That's Stupid: How a public toilet led to a stabbing

Did you miss portions of The Julie Wilson Show that highlighted a week of Stupid News? Boo, if you did. But, don't bring yourself to a panic. I saved all of them for you, positioning them perfectly inside a Youtube video.

Springfield has a new non profit media outlet, here's why it matters

As the landscape of news sources continue to evolve, more and more people find themselves turning to non profit journalism- outlets that live off donations from viewers instead of advertisers. Steve Pokin has spent nearly four decades as a journalist, most recently leaving behind the well establish Springfield News Leader to take on a role at a non profit media outlet start up, the Springfield…

Kanye's behavior is no longer funny, it's concerning.

If Kim and Kanye weren't massive celebrities with millions of dollars and oodles of security, would our society view them as entertaining? Or Kanye's behavior as downright scary? Women have come forward sharing their own stories of abuse from former partners, noting the similarities between. While Kanye maintains an audience that seems to encourage his harassing behavior, others are questioning…

Missouri Police Department goes viral for "Valentine's Day Special"

The Belton Missouri Police Department is seeing social media success after their post with a "Valentine's Day" special. The post calls for scorned lovers to turn in their former mates for any previous or ongoing criminal activity. If you're asking for my opinion, if you're going to be a lover, be a kind one. If you are, you'll leave no one scorned. HOWEVER, if you're going to be a bad partner,…

Swift, Sheeran team up for heart wrenching soon-to-be hit "The Joke and The Queen"

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran reunite, releasing "The Joker and The Queen", which reunites the "Everything Has Changed" cast. Listener beware- this song is sure to give you the feels. From the emotional dance of the ivories to the hauntingly synced harmonies, cold chills are sure to sweep your body as the notes dance in and out of your ears.