Star Wars Holiday Special

Many of us are watching(or rewatching) the newest Star Wars film that dropped this month, but a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, George Lucas tried to cash in on the initial buzz from the original trilogy with another December release!  If you thought Episode 1 was bad wait until you see this Star Wars Holiday special. It was so bad they tried to hide it from the internet, but here’s a nearly intact copy for us to enjoy together! Read full article >>

Historic SGF: Hydraslide 1994

Springfield was a much different place 25 years ago. There used to be a water slide just South of James River Expressway that would be open for summer and I heard people even went down it when it snowed in the Winter! You wouldn’t have to drive all the way down to Branson to beat the Summer heat. No life jackets, no rules, just you and a giant water slide! If you didn’t ever get to go on the Hydraslide, here’s what you were missing! Read full article >>

TV for Dogs… It’s a Thing!

If you’ve ever felt bad about leaving your fur puppy at home alone you can put those worries to rest and put on some television programming made specifically for your pets! Hours of footage featuring birds, ducks, and beautiful nature scenes. It’s not just for your animals either! Whether you have a pet or are just a lover of nature, give TV for Dogs a view or two. You won’t be disappointed! Read full article >>

Serenity Honors $1 Challenge

HELP SERENITY HELP VETERANs….you can find $1 in your sofa, your recliner, your cup holder, or under your front seat. How many times have you tipped more than a buck when you got bad service at a restaurant? Serenity launches HER Fundraiser on Ozarks Live, KOLR 10, Wed. Nov 20 @ 3pm. How awesome would it be if she started with a BIG amount for her TV debut? ……$1 and Challenge 10 friends to do the same. Read full article >>

Adopt a Grandparent with Mary Kay!

This year the local Mary Kay unit will provide approximately 300 gifts to local residents at the following nursing homes – Ozark Riverview Manor, Marshfield Place, Willard Care Center & Springfield Rehabilitation & HeathCare Center this Christmas! This is an outreach, there is NO profit made from this. BUT a HUGE paycheck of the heart!!❤????  Mary Kay will be matching every single Sponsorship we recieve! We are determined TOGETHER to make this happen!! If you would love nothing more than to Sponsor a resident this Christmas or have any questions, please do so by contacting Lisa Kissee at (417)689-4248 or at Read full article >>