No More Subway Sandwiches!?!

The largest sandwich chain in the world Subway is on the brink of existence. Thousands of store closures have happened in the last three years and petitions against Subway from its franchise owners have left the food-chain empire teetering. How did things get so bad and how much longer will we be able to eat fresh? Read full article >>

How does Magic Work?

Magicians are astounding with their tricks and pyrotechnics but if you knew how it all worked would it still be as magical? Here are some items that help magicians achieve their glory and now that you know the secrets maybe you can be an awesome magician too! Read full article >>

Fashion Forward

In preparation for back-to-school, the Drew Lewis Foundation is hosting Fashion-Forward, a children’s fashion show downtown in the Historic Fox Theater. These children are modeling their new back-to-school clothes in order to help raise funds to fight poverty. In keeping with the theme of education, the Drew Lewis Foundation provides education classes to those willing to learn the necessary lessons to raise themselves out of poverty. The money raised from this event not only helps to provide these lessons for the adults but also provides the back-to-school clothes and a backpack of school essentials for the children of those families. You can learn more about the event by visiting the Foundations website at Read full article >>