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World’s Sweetest Internship

Mars/Wrigley is hiring interns in Chicago. This paid position also has a…ahem…sweet perk: 1 year supply of candy as a signing bonus. Your duties would including sampling all sorts of candy, chocolate, and gum (including unreleased items) as well as creating your own personal batch of gum. You will also be required to document your experience on social media. There are a couple requirements however: you must be able to blow bubbles with gum that are greater than 5 inches in diameter and distinguish all 5 flavors of Skittles in a blind taste test. Read full article >>

World’s Tallest Toilet Paper Pyramid???

Meijer opened a new store in WI and teamed up with Kimberly Clark to build the world’s tallest toilet paper pyramid for a display. The pyramid was 14 feet, 3.75 inches tall, and used 25,585 rolls of toilet paper. Even cooler is the fact that the monetary value of the toilet paper rolls will be donated to a local food bank and the toilet paper itself will be recycled. Read full article >>