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Mermaid Camp

If you ever watched the Little Mermaid and dreamed about becoming Ariel, now is your chance! There is now Mermaid Camp down in Florida. Learn all about what it takes to become a Mermaid (and yes you even get to wear the fin!) It’ll cost $450 but hey if you get to fulfill that lifelong dream it’s so worth it! Read full article >>

Ed Sheeran talks about his career and his next album

Ed Sheeran said it’s “dangerous” to have a career that keeps growing because at some point it will completely tank. He says he believes we all control our own destiny so he would step down if the time comes rather drop off. He also says his next album won’t be a pop album. Now I’m curious to see what it will be! You can catch Ed Sheeran at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City October 13th. Read full article >>

Craigslist Buying Can Be Scary…Buuuuutttttt

If you have ever found something on Craigslist, Let Go, or Offer Up that you wanted to buy or maybe you avoid that altogether because of how sketchy some people can be, there’s good news! Police Departments across the country (even here in Springfield) will let you meet up at the nearest police station to make that purchase. With surveillance cameras watching what happens and officers going in and out all the time you are able to feel safer about that purchase. Read full article >>