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Flying Cars

A Dutch company PAL-V is selling flying cars that can be delivered to buyers as early as next year once they get their safety certifications. They will only make 90 vehicles for the first round of production and these cars will will seat 2, have 3 wheels, and will have a small helicopter rotor on top. It can reach speeds of 100 mph on the road, and 112 mph in the air. It also has a range of 350 miles. Oh…it’ll cost you about $620,000! Read full article >>

Coca Cola making alcohol???

Yes it’s true but only in Japan (at least for now). They are calling it Chu-Hi and it’s an alcopop (alcohol/pop). Kiwi and Yuzu are just a couple of the flavors. They are calling it a low-alcohol drink, but 8% is more than most beers! It will be interesting to see if it makes its way to the U.S. Read full article >>