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Barking with The Beat – Bruce Wayne

Thanks to 417 Pet Sitting for helping us find Bruce Wayne a new home! Unlike his namesake, our Bruce Wayne is not a billionaire industrialist, though he is a pretty smart boy with great physical strength! Bruce has LOTS of energy, and he doesn’t seem to realize his own strength (so he may do best in a home without small children). He needs some training on proper behavior around humans, and he can be a little picky about his doggie friends, though he has done well with other dogs in his play groups here. Completely unlike the other Bruce, our boy LOVES playing with his stuffed toy, and is not destructive with it at all! The people who brought him to us reported that he is housebroken, though we cannot guarantee that. If you think our Bruce Wayne might be your family’s superhero, come to the Humane Society of Southwest MO to meet him! On Black Friday he’s $55!!! Read full article >>

Barking with The Beat – Holiday Food

At 417 Pet Sitting we are here to care for your pets, but more importantly, we want to provide peace of mind.  With the impending influx of friends, family, and the inevitable dispensary of baked goods, confections, alcohol, and rich foods it is best to be aware of some of the toxins to our furbabies and why.  A lot of times we equate food with love, but it is actually the exact opposite!  Unless your guests are pet owners as well, they might not be aware of the lurking dangers either, so feel free to share with friends and family BEFORE they arrive, or even leave a print out in the kitchen.  Some of the main ones the Poison Center warns of are below. Read full article >>