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A band you need to check out!

I’m going to start giving you new bands to listen to every week. You should let me know who you love so I can add it to the collection! Phantogram. Been listening to them for a few years now, and am happy to see they’re finally getting recognition and exposure. You may have heard their song “Lights” on the Hunger Games Catching Fire soundtrack. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. Check out their song “Black Out Days” here. One of my faves! Read full article >>

It CAN be done

When I search online for something motivational to keep me going, few times do I come across something that REALLY hits home. But when I do, its like a light switches on in my head. Its almost like “Duh! Why couldn’t I come up with that myself!?” Hopefully what I’m about to say hits home for you, in some way, shape, or form. Read full article >>