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TITLE Boxing Club

Feeling really thankful today for TITLE Boxing Club Springfield South Campbell! I’m almost thru 30 days of their 90 day “Earn Your TITLE Challenge” and my body fat percentage has gone down by 2%! It’s insane what you can do with a little bit of discipline in your diet plus exercise (well…a LOT of exercise. We burn up to 1,000 calories in just an hour during a TITLE power hour!). If you haven’t tried them out, DO IT, your first time is FREE. You will love every single one of their trainers, their staff, other members. It feels like one big family. And we all support each other! I couldn’t have made these healthy changes without their help and their dedication to their members. TITLE is straight-up the place you need to go for FUN WORKOUTS and RESULTS. Period. Read full article >>

Tove Lo – Habits

Adding this girl to my “must see” list! First of all, anyone who uses 2 drum kits in a live show is rad in my book. Second, it’s major for an artist to sound as good live as they do on their record. Especially when you have a lot of backing tracks like she seems to have. Be watching for Tove Lo as an up and coming artist! Read full article >>

A band you need to check out!

I’m going to start giving you new bands to listen to every week. You should let me know who you love so I can add it to the collection! Phantogram. Been listening to them for a few years now, and am happy to see they’re finally getting recognition and exposure. You may have heard their song “Lights” on the Hunger Games Catching Fire soundtrack. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. Check out their song “Black Out Days” here. One of my faves! Read full article >>