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Coca Cola making alcohol???

Yes it’s true but only in Japan (at least for now). They are calling it Chu-Hi and it’s an alcopop (alcohol/pop). Kiwi and Yuzu are just a couple of the flavors. They are calling it a low-alcohol drink, but 8% is more than most beers! It will be interesting to see if it makes its way to the U.S. Read full article >>

The Shed Defender

They have made a doggie leotard called The Shed Defender that keeps your home free from dog hair. You put this on your dog and all the shedding your dog does collects in the leotard which you wash and presto! No more dog hair around the house. They run between $45-$60 depending on the size of your dog. It can also be used to help calm your dog if they get anxious. Read full article >>