Charlie Puth acknowledges his new album, Charlie, is unlike his previous albums, especially in how he promoted and created it.  

The singer spoke with Billboard about his latest creation and declared, “I went completely rogue.” He said of making his 12-track effort, “I was by myself when I made the album, but I involved the Internet into the creation of it, so it felt like I was in the room with millions of people.”

The singer would share TikTok videos of him being inspired by random sounds or noises, which he’d later turn into fully realized songs. The tracks not only enlightened his 20 million followers on how each song was made, it also brought them deeper into how Charlie’s mind works. “Right now, I might as well really show people who I am,” he said.

Charlie is happy this was his approach in promoting Charlie because the album is deeply personal. “I went through a lot of good and bad feelings, and happy and sad feelings, during the years of 2020 to 2022. And it seemed like it was all happening at the same time,” he explained, adding he set out to find out “what does happy and sad sound like?”

Charlie also revealed this album is a personal triumph because, before he began making it, he thought he’d never make music again. “I thought at one point my career as a touring artist was over. I had no idea. It had been like a couple years since I had something on [the] Billboard [charts]. Like, where did I stand as a touring artist?” he asked.

He has since arranged a tour of smaller venues that “Sold out immediately,” he said, adding that he plans on touring larger venues in 2023.
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