Chris Pratt may not be perfect, but at least his pants now are. That’s the gist of his first new ad as a brand ambassador for TravisMathew, a sports-lifestyle label. 

“These pants are perfect,” the Marvel movie star and Jurassic World series lead says in a voice-over as he admires himself in a mirror.

“They’re comfortable, stretchy, versatile. I want to be perfect as these pants,” he thinks, before saying aloud, pensively, “Can they make me perfect?”

What follows is a montage of Pratt reading lines badly, breaking a window with an overzealous indoor golf putt, and watching a newly installed closet rod collapse.

“It’s definitely just the pants,” he reconsiders. 

Pratt captioned the spot by saying, “Dreeeams can come true!!! Thanks to @travismathew I am now a #ProGolfer. I know what you’re thinking… ‘No he’s not.’ But you are wrong. Because, yes I am. I mean… Why else would the world’s top golf and lifestyle brand insist I wear only their clothes on the course? Obviously they saw my swing. Rest is history.”

Pratt will be seen next onscreen — where directors and editors make sure things appear perfect — in Jurassic Word: Dominion, which opens June 10, and in Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits theaters July 8.

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