Some already think Amazon digital assistants like its Alexa already know too much about you, but a new Super Bowl ad starring husband and wife Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson takes that to another level.

The spot, which debuted online Monday, shows what would happen if Alexa could read any couple’s minds — and for the stars, it’s not pretty. 

One example shows the celebrity couple in bed together, which the Black Widow star staring into Jost’s eyes, telling him how she loved sleeping in. Saturday Night Live‘s Jost tries to hide his nose in the pillow, only to have Alexa — aloud — place an order for mouthwash: “Extra strength,” to be precise.

Another scene has Scarlett reportedly rehearsing a play she’s going to be in — and it’s pretty awful. “When does it open?” a skeptical Jost asks. “March 8,” ScarJo says proudly. 

“Setting a reminder to fake your own death on March 8,” Alexa blabs.

Embarrassing Johansson, Alexa actually reveals what shooting a love scene with a hot actor is like for her. “It’s the worst,” she answers her nervous husband, only to have Alexa play “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac.” 

Safe to say it’s a good thing Alexa can’t do this…yet.

Super Bowl LVI is on Sunday, February 13.

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