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Long Live Montero, the Lil Nas X documentary that follows him on his first-ever tour while also diving deep into his backstory, will debut on HBO later this month, but the first trailer has arrived.

The movie unfolds over 60 days on the Long Live Montero tour, which took place from 2022 to 2023. Like the tour, the movie is divided into three acts: Rebirth, Transformation and Becoming. In the trailer, which features footage of him performing onstage, Nas discusses how his sexuality was “always the elephant in the room” growing up and how he used to get bad anxiety attacks because of it it.

“Coming out was very important to progress,” he notes. However, he says, “I’m not able to be, like, 100% among family members … I’m always just trying to challenge the way my family, like, looks at things.” Referring to one of his tour costumes, he says, “It’s, like, crazy to walk out in front of both sides of your family in this little skirt.”

In one scene, Nas announces he’s going to teach his nephews not to be homophobic. But when he interrupts the kids, who are busy looking at a phone, and orders them, “Don’t be homophobic,” they look confused and say, “OK.”

“So many queer people are making these huge strides, but it’s a fight,” he concludes. “There are still parts of myself I am learning to accept. But we’re getting closer.”

Long Live Montero will debut January 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and will stream on Max.

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