Common and Tiffany Haddish made their relationship public in August 2020, and now, 14 months later, their special bond is growing stronger.

“She keeps me laughing. It’s that child-like spirit that you love,” the rapper/actor tells Essence about the Night School star. “She also possesses an authenticity that I love. I’m gonna know what’s on her mind. I’m gonna know what she’s feeling about me or somebody else or something. I like the way she communicates — that’s important to me. “

The 49-year-old entertainer adds, “Along with that, the way she treats her family and loved ones is real cool. I’m attracted to that. Tiffany is a good-hearted human being, and I love that about her.”

Common also feels that the pandemic has brought the two stars even closer as they have spent more time together.

“It makes you reflect on, ‘If things was ending now, who do I want to be around?'” he says. “Naturally, Tiffany and I just spent a lot of time together, just really enjoying life and being grateful for life and not putting too much pressure on our relationship, just really being present with each other and supportive and having fun.”

The Oscar and Grammy winner was previously in high profile relationships with Serena Williams and Erykah Badu, and he says Black women have always motivated him.

“Some of the Black women that I’ve dated, been in relationships with, are crazy talented people, so that’s inspiring in itself,” Common says. “You see the work that they put in, and then how they can still go out and be good family people. That’s been very influential on my personal life, but it also comes through in my art.”

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