Crocs Donates “A Free Pair for Healthcare”

Crocs is giving away a free pair of shoes to U.S. based healthcare workers!

I give Crocs a hard time. Because they’re ugly OK?!

Even Post Malone can’t make Crocs cool in my eyes!

But I gotta give it up, because they’ve just done something pretty cool to help out our healthcare workers who are on the front lines.

Crocs just announced their new initiative, it’s called A Free Pair for Health Care.

Through the program, U.S.-based health-care workers will be able to get a free pair of shoes on while supplies last.

Crocs says they are “working as hard as possible to serve as many as possible.”

And we all know health care workers really like Crocs! They’re probably Crocs’ biggest clients.

In addition to the shoes they’re giving away on their website, Crocs is also going to donate up to 100,000 pairs of shoes to be distributed to other hospitals and health care organizations.