(NOTE LANGUAGE) In a recent interview with entertainment interviewer DJ Vlad, actor and comedian D.L. Hughley offered up his thoughts on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce.

DJ Vlad kicked off the Kanye/Kim portion of the chat by mentioning how he initially found humor in Kanye’s response to the divorce. But Hughley shook his head in disagreement before responding, “It’s never been funny.”

“He is stalking her,” Hughley said. “You can think it’s cute. If it was my daughter, I’d do something about it. I don’t think it’s funny.”  He added that the “difference between [Kanye] and a restraining order is about 20 hits and a couple of hundred million dollars.”

R&B singer Keyshia Cole opened up about romantic relationships, past friendships and her late mother’s battle with addiction on Sunday’s premiere episode of TVOne’s #Uncensored.  In the hour-long special, the 40-year-old Oakland, California native recounted the events that led to a fallout between her and rapper Eve.

“We’re walking out, and somebody grabbed her bag or something like that and I kind of turned around and slapped the girl,” Cole started to explain. “And Eve is really pissed off about that, like, we stopped hanging out.”

Cole said she was confused, telling Eve, “I slapped somebody for you, what the f*** is this?”

The premiere episode of #Uncensored, directed by TV personality Tami Roman, garnered kudos by fans who commended Cole for her transparency and openness.

Lastly, Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan are set to star in the upcoming I Am Legend sequel, I Am Legend 2. According to Varietythe film is in the works at Warner Bros. and will be produced by Smith’s Westbrook Studios as well as Jordan’s Outlier Society.

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