NBC’s Late Night celebrates its 40th anniversary February 1, and to mark the occasion, David Letterman, who launched the late-night franchise in 1982, will return to his old stomping ground.

“The 40th anniversary is next Tuesday, and to celebrate, my guest that evening will be the man who started it all, David Letterman,” Seth Meyers, the current host of Late Night announced in a video on Tuesday.

“Now that is a show that would make college-age Seth Meyers very happy. Also, current Seth Meyers is happy about this,” he added.

Letterman hosted Late Night for 11 seasons before moving to CBS in 1993, after Jay Leno took over host The Tonight Show — a job many expected would go to Letterman. He was succeeded by Conan O’Brien, who hosted the show until 2009, when Jimmy Fallon assumed hosting duties. Meyers came aboard in 2014 after Fallon moved to The Tonight Show.

Late Night airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

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