Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images

Of all the people who could possibly defend Taylor Swift against accusations that her relationship with Travis Kelce is “ruining” football, David Letterman isn’t one that would immediately come to mind … but, well, here we are.

In an Instagram post captioned, “Dave is #teamtaylor,” the iconic talk show host declares, “Taylor Swift, I don’t think in the history of show business, in the history of popular culture, we’ve ever witnessed anything like this. Tremendous. She fills stadiums around the world and puts on a three-hour show.” 

“We live in a world now where all we hear is nonsense and ugliness, and the nonsense can’t be more nonsensical and the ugliness, God hopes it can’t get any uglier, but that’s all we hear,” he continued. “That’s all we hear.”

“So now, here’s Taylor Swift, who is a glowing bright light of goodness in the world, and she starts dating Kelsey Grammer,” he said, deliberately confusing the name of her boyfriend with the Frasier actor.  He then described how some football fans complain that they don’t want to see Taylor at the games — accurate — and how Swifties don’t want her to date a football player — not exactly accurate.

However, he continued, “I say to both camps, ‘This is such a lovely thing. Shut up! It’s good for the footballers. It’s good for Taylor Swift, and it’s something positive and happy for the world.’”

He concluded, “Also, politically, Taylor Swift is a huge force, and I think just wants to see people do the right thing. So God bless Taylor Swift and” — he said jokingly — “Kelsey Grammer.”

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