Hailee Steinfeld is back as America’s rebel poet Emily Dickinson in the third and final season of the Peabody Award-winning Dickinson, which kicks off on Apple TV+ today.

Steinfeld is an executive producer on the series, which takes liberties with the author’s real life, imagining her in a new way for modern sensibilities, and often set to modern music. 

Season 3 takes place with the Civil War raging, and Emily trying to find her voice in a forever-changed world.

“It’s been amazing just to see each season come full circle,” Hailee says. “And as an executive producer of the show as well, I feel like I’ve been more involved in really knowing what it takes and knowing what it’s like being a part of seeing it through.” 

Looking back, she adds, “I am so proud of this show, and I’m so proud, and I feel very lucky to have been a part of something that feels very special.”

Steinfeld says all involved knew this season would be the last one, so they left it all on the field.

“We have only ever showed up every day at work wanting to deliver the best possible product,” she notes. “And I think when we knew that this was going to be it, we all came in ready to go!…I have felt this way about the show since day one, [and about] every single person in our cast and on our crew who have continued to come back for three seasons. I am so grateful for that.”

Reflecting on the series coming to an end, Steinfeld says, “I am sad, of course…but I’m so excited for this final season to be out. I think it’s our best one yet.”  


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