Did Anyone Else See This Interpreter?

This sign language interpreter in Florida is going viral!

Hurricane coverage is everywhere! There so much information out, there it’s hard to keep it all straight.

During a press conference Saturday morning by Florida Governor Rick Scott, this sign language interpreter takes center stage!

I was watching this press conference live and even remarked to my friends that the interpreter was cracking me up! Whether he really meant to or not…

I’ve mentioned before that if I could learn another language, it would be sign language.

I once dated a sign language interpreter myself. He didn’t teach me much, but I did learn about the culture behind it.

Interpreters need to wear solid, non-distracting colors and oftentimes to make the interpretation more engaging, the interpreter will use exaggerated facial expressions.

I get the theory behind it. I mean, it’s really boring to listen to someone give a monotone speech so it must be boring to just watch some expressionless guy use sign language.

This dude in FL is the #1 interpreter in my book!

My only question is….is the sticking the tongue out necessary??

Check out the video below!