Marvel’s latest massive superhero film, Eternals, is in theaters this weekend! Don Lee stars as Gilgamesh, one of the Eternals who is tasked with protecting humans from outside forces that want to destroy them. As for how they do that, Lee tells ABC Audio that each Eternal has their own unique power.

“Gilgamesh is most powerful and strongest fighter among Eternals, and then his superpower is he’s got courageous strength. Also he has this one punch knockout power,” he spills.

Although Lee’s character has super strength, he says that’s nothing compared to when the Eternals work together as one — a message he hopes resonates with people after the film.

“Each of us have this unique superpower, but we are more powerful when we are together. That’s a very important message and that is about diversity,” the actor explains. “We are showing that no matter what gender or race is, we are stronger when we are together.”

Speaking of diversity, Lee, who is a famous South Korean action star with a massive following, admits that he jumped at the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience by being in the film, because he “saw the potential of inspiring younger generation as a first Korean superhero.”

“And then hopefully I can open up some more space for my actor friends in Korea,” he adds. 

Another perk of the gig was getting to work closely alongside Angelina Jolie, who plays Thena in the film. 

“She’s one of the greatest actress in history and also she’s a great person. I was a big fan of her. She’s a goddess of action film,” Lee raves.

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