Female Play-by-Play Duo to Make History Tonight

Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm will be the first all-female play-by-play duo to call an NFL game! But not everyone is a fan…

Tonight is history in the making as Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm will be in the booth tonight to call the Rams vs. Vikings game.

But this play by play isn’t going on national television, it’s been reserved for Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream the commentary as they simultaneously watch the game on their own TV.

Broadcast TV or not, it’s still history (HERstory, excuse me.)

As Springfield’s only all female morning show I think it’s pretty cool but no surprise, not everyone is a fan of this idea.

Which, in a way I understand. You know, maybe guys want to have their own space and now they can’t even escape us in the man cave because we’re invading their TVs?

But girls like sports too!  Amber and her boyfriend have a football pool every Sunday. He even loses sometimes! One time he had to wash her car….

Your thoughts on a female PBP duo, do you love it or do you hate it?