Add one more person to the list of 14 people claiming to be the offspring of the late DMX.

Raven Barmer-Simmons from Georgia contacted DMX’s alleged adult children, and all of them will be DNA tested to confirm their paternity, Page Six reports.

The “Party Up (Up in Here)” rapper, born Earl Simmons, died on April 9 at age 50 from a heart attack. He did not leave a will, and his estate is estimated to be worth one million dollars.

On Friday, DMX’s three sons — Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons — from his 16-year marriage to Tashera Simmons, were appointed as temporary administrators of his estate by Judge Helen Blackwood.

The fiancée of the three-time Grammy nominee, Desiree Lindstrom, who is the mother to DMX’s 5-year-old son, Exodus, asked to be legally declared his “common-law wife,” but her request was denied, reports Page Six.

“The next big thing is to determine who are the rightful heirs. The estate is going to ask everyone to prove paternity through DNA testing,” said Herbert Nass, the trusts and and estates attorney for Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons. “All the legal children of DMX will be entitled to an equal share of his estate.”

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