Flea, Mosquito, and Tick Season is in Full Swing!

It’s that time of year here in The Ozarks! Have you seen your first tick yet?

I haven’t even gone on a hike yet this season and I found the BIGGEST tick at my apartment the other day. It was scary!

I especially hope it wasn’t that lone star tick that everyone’s talking about- it’s got a spot on its back and is home to the woods  in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

These ticks can spread, Ehrlichiosis whose symptoms include fever, headaches, nausea and chills. Oftentimes these symptoms  are mistaken for other ailments which delays response time. However, Ehrlichiosis is treatable.

So how do you avoid ticks in the first place?

Doctor John Brown at Mercy says the number one deterrent is products with DEET. And you really need in that 30-35% concentration level or more, that’s when it’s most effective. Not all products are created equal so keep an eye out. It’s safe for just about everyone including pregnant mothers and babies 2 months and older.

Another trick, I had no idea, is to pre-treat clothing with Permethrin if you’re headed outside. It’s usually right next to the insect sprays on store shelves.

And don’t forget to remove the ENTIRE tick, including the head!