GCSO Live in Studio with Live PD

You don’t want to miss Live PD this Friday!

We here at 929 The Beat love Live PD, it’s no secret!

You definitely want to tune in Friday, August 10th  starting at 8:00 p.m. as our very own Corporal Craigmyle will be in NYC at the Live PD studio and he’s not alone- his K-9 Lor will be with him!

I love watching the show every week, ever since Amber first told me about it I’ve been hooked.

And Cpl. Craigmyle is one of my favorites! He’s very no nonsense.

He’s also trying to prep for his next role, Cpl. Craigmyle landed a gig playing a detective in the Hollywood movie 90 Feet From Home!

The movie, which is scheduled to premiere next summer, will star Dean Cain as a troubled ex-MLB player who comes home to confront his abusive stepfather.

Shoutout to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, they look so good on Live PD! Way to represent.

The show airs Friday and Saturday on A&E starting at 8:00 p.m. CST.