Giant Gator Found in KC Hot Tub

According to the gator’s owner it’s “As gentle as a kitten.”

Did you see that huge alligator that was found up in Kansas City?

Authorities were serving an eviction notice when they came upon Catfish, 6 foot alligator!

Obviously this was an issue.

A spokesperson for the city’s Neighborhood and Housing Services department, says Kansas City does not allow homeowners to have alligators.

Of course not! Why would they?

It took a team of specialists hours to remove the 150 pound alligator, thankfully no one was injured.

They also recovered two boa constrictors and a rabbit.

Catfish will be housed at the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in Greenwood for now before they find a new, permanent home that is NOT in the Show Me State!

They say Catfish’s owner has had him for 4 years and kept him in a hot tub.

Can you imagine? Another day on the job serving an eviction notice when you see a huge gator just chilling in a hot tub!

I’d nope right out of there, byeee!