Season four of the hit Freeform show Good Trouble is here! The first episode is streaming now, and it’s already spicing things up with some big changes.

One of those changes will include seeing a lot more of Priscilla Quintanawho was promoted to a series regular this season. She plays a pregnant Isabella in the series, and for those wondering if she’ll finally give birth, she tells ABC Audio, “we will just have to wait and see.”

“Fingers crossed, but you never know,” she teases. 

What Quintana will dish, though, is that viewers will get to see Isabella find her own voice and learn to love herself. 

“This season, she’s exploring more of who she is. She’s finding her own voice,” she explains. “And one of the most important things that she does is she’s growing a life inside of her and realizing that,” the actress adds. “If you if you want to be able to fully love this human, you’re growing inside of you, you have to love yourself first, and she has never truly done that before.” 

Also this season, Good Trouble introduces a new mysterious character — an investigative journalist named Joaquin — played by Bryan Craig.

“[Joaquin] has come to L.A. and to the coterie on kind of like secret personal mission,” he shares. “Along the way he obviously creates relationships with these people and I’m hoping even after he gets what he wants and finds his answer that he sticks around.”

Unfortunately, whether or not Joaquin will stick around, is a question even Craig doesn’t know the answer to just yet. 

“It’s funny because everyone thinks that we have answers and we really never have answers past the script that’s in front of us,” Craig says, before adding, “I think some interesting stuff is coming up.” 

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