After four years of love, heartbreak, and life lessons, it’s officially senior year on grown-ish.

Season 4B of the Freeform series airs Thursday and will lead fans on a drama-filled journey all the way to graduation from Cal U. So what can fans look forward to? Well, for Yara Shahidi‘s character Zoey — a lot of nerves. 

“Nerves about going into the real world because she’s had suspended consequences for a lot of her actions,” she tells ABC Audio. “It really heightens the stakes for everyone at the latter half of the season.”

Emily Arlook, who plays Nomi in sitcom agrees, adding, “I feel like the stakes are high because they’re racing down towards this finish line.”

Meanwhile, Chloe Bailey‘s Jazz, is “kinda all over the place” and Francia Raisa‘s character Ana is just ready to enter the real world.

“Ana has been waiting for this moment her entire life,” Raisa says with a laugh. “I’m gonna pass with all A’s, I’m gonna go work real quick and start my career yesterday.”

Although the cast didn’t spill any major spoilers — like where on Earth is Zoey when her name is being called at graduation in the trailer — Raisa’s advice for her character this season may provide a little bit of insight. 

“I would tell Ana not to sleep with Vivek,” she dishes.

Given that season 4B of grown-ish will see the characters graduate, it begs the question — What’s next? Perhaps Adulting-ish?

“I think that would be interesting to see. Once you graduate does not mean now you’re an adult and now you’ve got it all figured out,” Emily shares. “So it’s definitely going to be a lifelong process for all of them.”

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