Halle Berry has starred in a couple of action movies recently, including Bruised and John Wick: Chapter Three — Parabellum.  Now there’s Moonfall, out today.

The 55-year-old actress tells ABC News she’s enjoying her action star status, especially with this film.

“I love the diversity of being able to play different kinds of roles and especially in this movie. This role was written for a man. Talk about diversity,” she says. “You know, I love that [director Roland Emmerich] had the forethought and the idea to diversify this role and make her a Black woman. That was pretty impressive.”

So what can we expect from Moonfall?

“Get ready. It’s a classic Roland Emmerich disaster film that’s surely going to entertain you,” notes Berry. “You’re going to see some special effects and things that, you know, you probably haven’t seen before.”

Moonfall may be an action-disaster flick, but Berry says there are “real conversations to be had” around its subject matter, which centers on the Moon being knocked from its orbit by an unknown force and put onto a collision course with Earth.

“You know, and there’s a debate, and we would have a healthy debate all the time on the set about all of these theories and what was true and what wasn’t true and what we all believed and things we had read. And you know, it’s never ending, actually,” says Berry.  

Moonfall also stars Patrick WilsonJohn BradleyMichael PeñaCharlie PlummerKelly Yu and Donald Sutherland.

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