Tom Felton, who played antagonist Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series, recently learned that he has even less in common with his character.

Apparently, Felton believed that he was a Slytherin, like Draco.  However, he was in for quite the shock when he discovered that he is better suited for Gryffindor — Slytherin’s bitter rival in the books and movies — after taking the Sorting Hat challenge on the Wizarding World website.

Taking to Instagram, Felton wore a green and silver scarf — reflecting Slytherin’s colors — and even had the house’s banner hanging in the background during his video reveal.

“I am Draco Malfoy in a muggle disguise,” Felton, 34, opened before noting that the first Harry Potter movie — Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — turns 20 years old on November 14.  In order to celebrate the milestone, Felton decided to “put all rumors at rest” about where his true allegiance lies.

The video picks up after the British actor learns what house he was sorted into and he remarks in disbelief, “Really? Ugh” before revealing through gritted teeth, “I’m a Gryffindor.”

Students sorted into Slytherin are known for being cunning and ambitious, while Gryffindors — like Harry Potter — are noted for their bravery and determination.

Felton then pretends to sob uncontrollably before calling upon his “fellow TF” and buddy, singer Tom Fletcher, to take the quiz and sort himself into Slytherin to restore balance.

This is actually the second time Felton was placed in house Gryffindor.  In a 2015 tweet, he said he was heartbroken to learn that he was better suited for the red and gold after taking the sorting test on the now-defunct Harry Potter fan website, Pottermore.

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