Disgraced former studio head Harvey Weinstein has reportedly been busted in a Los Angeles jail for being in possession of contraband. And while “prison contraband” usually conjures up images of drugs or spoon shanks, Variety reports that his forbidden items were Milk Duds.

Weinstein, who suffers from a variety of health conditions, including diabetes, is being housed at the medical unit of the Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles while awaiting trial on 11 charges of rape and sexual assault.

According to the trade, the disallowed Duds were discovered there on November 10 of last year, following a visit from one of his attorneys. “The Milk Duds were confiscated, and the guards warned that they would have to search his attorneys’ legal binders and laptop bags on future visits,” Variety reports.

Although Weinstein reportedly tried to deny that he was passed the candy, his attorneys told the trade that the situation was a “misunderstanding” and his client has been a “model inmate.”

Weinstein shared a statement with Variety apologizing for the incident that reads, “This was an innocent misunderstanding. It will not happen again. I have been a model inmate, following the rules and regulations and I am sincerely sorry.”

Last year, the Oscar-winning former producer was extradited to Los Angeles from New York, where he’d been sentenced to 23 years in prison on sex assault charges in 2020. Late last year, his attorneys argued to an appeals court that the conviction should be thrown out.

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