High School Financial Literacy- Should it be Required?

High school was fun and all but I really don’t feel like it prepared me for college- or real life for that matter!

High school students in Florida may soon be required to take a financial literacy course.

What do you think about that kids?!

New legislation would require the financial course in order for students to graduate high school.

According to the bill, the reason for the course is that, “Many young people graduate from high school without having basic financial literacy or money management skills.”

And that is SO true!

I had very basic money management skills growing up.

I think in 8th grade we had to balance a checkbook but that was years before I became independent and who even writes checks anymore?!

Instead I’ve got this whole spreadsheet that I use and even then I feel like I’m missing something.

Then I think about the kids younger than me….this next generation really has a lot of catching up to do I feel!

It’s a whole new ballgame now and these kids should be prepared.

If passed, Florida would become the sixth state to require a financial literacy course.