Hooked on Apple

How many Apple brand products do YOU own?

A study from 2012 claims the average American owns 2.6 Apple products.

Crazy to think about in 2017, that number is more like 3.6 Apple products per American.

Does this hold true for you?

Now that I think about it: I own an iPhone, have not one, but TWO old iPods that I still use, plus don’t forget things like iTunes!

iPhone, iPod, iWatch….iDontKnowAnymore!

I’ve recently been thinking about making the switch from Apple products to Android, but I’m hesitant because I don’t know much about Androids. I just know they can do some stuff and iPhone can’t, like internal storage.

Instead of carrying both a flash drive and my iPhone, I could just store files on my Android phone!

But am I really ready to let go of iMessage?!

How many Apple products do you own?